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I would like to hold contests and things of the like, but I can't untill this group gets bigger and I have enough points!
1. please invite all your friends!
2. If you are inclined to, please feel free to donate me some :points: and note me ^.^





Welcome to Anime Sanctum!

All anime / manga type things are allowed here! Just be sure to follow the guidelines. :) And if you have any questions, feel free to note me about it lNeliel

:bulletblue: Guildelines:bulletblue:
:bulletblue: If you want to join, send a request!
:bulletblue: If you have an issue, please feel free to contact me or one of the other admins about the issue via note.
:bulletblue: Be respectful!
:bulletblue: Do not beg for points.

:bulletgreen: Submission Guidelines:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Quality does not matter! It's the effort that counts. ;)
:bulletgreen: Submit to the right folder, or your submission will be declined.
:bulletgreen: Tutorials and speedpaint videos/things like that will be accepted. However, brushes, stocks, and textures are not accepted here.
:bulletgreen: You can submit collabs, just submit them to the right folder.
:bulletgreen: Pictures that use stock in them are allowed.
:bulletgreen: Traditional or digital, doesn't matter.
:bulletgreen: Unlimited submissions per day are allowed.

:bulletyellow: Folders:bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: 1. If you need examples of what kinds of work goes in each category, look at the galley folders for more examples.
:bulletyellow: 2. If your art can go in more than one
category, just pick the one you'd want it to be in most.
:bulletyellow: 3. For the categories of the styles of anime art, you can submit both male and female art.

:bulletyellow: Featured--- Only for exceptional work. Can be for any category.
:bulletyellow: Manga Pages--- Onky for pages from manga books. No fanfic pages, that is another category.
:bulletyellow: Literature--- This is for fanfic passages, or stories not in manga.
:bulletyellow: Fanart--- For any type of image that is fan art of any character from an anime/manga.
:bulletyellow: Fanfics--- This is for OTPs, and fan-made images of characters from animes/mangas.
:bulletyellow: OC--- Art of original characters(OC) go here.
:bulletyellow: Anime pixels--- Pixels that look like anime or are from an anime/manga.
:bulletyellow: Anime Realism--- For realistic pictures of any anime/manga character
:bulletyellow: Animations --- For .gif's of animated characters or scenes from anime/manga or an OC
:bulletyellow: Yaoi--- Pictures of boysxboys(bl). There has to be 2 or more characters for it to be considered yaoi. It can also be a character from a yaoi anime/manga.
:bulletyellow: Yuri--- Pictures of girlsxgirls. There has to be 2 or more characters for it to be considered yuri. It can also be a character from a yuri anime/manga.
:bulletyellow: Chibi--- Art of a tiny/cute version of an anime character.
:bulletyellow: Other--- Things having to to with anime/japan that are not any foldersex.:Voice actor art, japan culture pictures, japanese anything really, etc...
:bulletyellow: Cosplay--- Pictures of cosplay and things having to do with cosplay. ex.: cosplay swords, accessories...etc...
:bulletyellow: Vocaloids--- Art of Vocaloids.
:bulletyellow: Game Art--- Art of characters from games.Pictures of characters from games.
:bulletyellow: Movie Art--- Art of characters from anime movies. ex.: Studio Ghibli
:bulletyellow: Animals--- Animals from anime, OC pets, or half-breeds.
:bulletyellow: Mature--- Must contain mature content.
:bulletyellow: Memes--- Blank or filled out is okay.
:bulletyellow: Lineart--- Only for transparent lineart. Do not submit colored lineart here.
:bulletyellow: Scenes--- Scenes from anime that do not include people, or including people but they are very small.
:bulletyellow: Kawaii--- Kawaii(cute) scenes or characters.
:bulletyellow: Goth/emo--- Gothic or emo characters/scenes.
:bulletyellow: Dark--- Dark themed scene or character.
:bulletyellow: Light--- Light themed scene or character.
:bulletyellow: Angels--- Angels...pretty self explanatory.
:bulletyellow: Devils--- Devils...pretty self explanatory.
:bulletyellow: Supernatural--- With extra powers.
:bulletyellow: Sporty--- Sporty like character/surroundings.
:bulletyellow: Seasonal--- Having to do with the seasons.
:bulletyellow: Holiday--- For pictures having to do with Holidays.
:bulletyellow: Beautiful--- Only the most beautiful anime men and women can be submitted here.
:bulletyellow: Steampunk--- Steampunk...pretty self explanatory.
:bulletyellow: Punk--- Punk or cyber punk art.
:bulletyellow: Lolita--- Lolita themed art.
:bulletyellow: Color--- For art that are centered around 1 or 2 colors.
:bulletyellow: Colorful--- For art that is very colorful.
:bulletyellow: Single guy--- A single male character.
:bulletyellow: Single girl--- A single female character.
:bulletyellow: Groups--- For groups of characters.
:bulletyellow: Couples--- For couples.

:bulletpink: Other:bulletpink:
:bulletpink: If you want to be an admin, please note me (lneliel).


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